Evoke Multimedia

Charles River School – The Children’s Perspective

June 18th, 2012

Goose bumps…. I recently interviewed an 8th grader who told me that three years ago, he was so shy that he wouldn’t speak to anyone at school. With three years at Charles River School, an independent day school for Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade, this child was not only able to tell me about his prior difficult experience, but also could explain why everything changed for the better.

Helen and I interviewed 19 children from second through eighth grade at Charles River School (CRS), a private school located in Dover, MA. Over the course of the school day, we were completely amazed at the eloquence and enthusiasm of the CRS students.

If you were to listen to all of the interviews, as well as our questions, you’d see that the students came up with their own answers, and weren’t lead to give a canned response. Evoke Multimedia’s goal is to communicate our client’s message in an authentic and engaging way so that you, the viewer, want to learn more and get involved with the organization.

From open-ended questions (e.g. “What is your favorite thing about CRS?”), followed by honest and personal discussions, the following themes came out loud and clear:

  • The CRS community is like a family where you are friends with all of the children in your grade as well as throughout the school
  • CRS has wonderful teachers who do not view teaching as their job and are always available to help their students
  • The students are challenged to work hard and push their limits from academics to extra-curricular activities likes sports and Model U.N.

At the end of the day, Helen, whose son goes to public school, said, “My son needs to go to CRS!” To see the multimedia piece we created for CRS, go to The Children’s Perspective