Evoke Multimedia

The Children’s Perspective

Charles River School (CRS), an independent day school located in Dover, MA, needed a multimedia piece to communicate to prospective families what makes CRS special. Rather than a traditional video in which teachers and parents do all the talking, we thought the video would have more impact and be truly authentic, if we created it from the child’s perspective.

We interviewed 19 children from 2nd through 8th grades, and interestingly, heard the same themes from all of the children. We wove together their voices to create a tapestry of images and voices to not only show the viewer the difference between CRS and other schools, but to let the viewer feel the difference. We engaged the children in conversation to help them open up and in doing so, we learned that Charles River School more than prepares its students for high school, it creates confident, curious, and caring individuals who are not afraid to fail and who strive to do their very best.