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Lemonade Day with Charles River School and Babson College

“Lemonade Day was founded in 2007 to empower today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through helping them start, own and operate their very own business…a lemonade stand. Lemonade Day is a strategic 14-step process that walks youth from a dream to a business plan, while teaching them the same principles required to start any big company. Inspiring kids to work hard and make a profit, they are also taught to spend some, save some and share some by giving back to their community.” (source: http://boston.lemonadeday.org/our-story/)

We loved the idea of Lemonade Day and were excited to do a piece in which we followed a young entrepreneur from Charles River School (CRS), an independent day school in Dover, MA. CRS’ fourth grade class participated in Lemonade Day, sponsored by Babson College, because one of their teachers, Teresa Baker, thought it was a great way for the children to experience being an entrepreneur given their extended study of Africa, making microloans through Kiva, and community service work.