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Summer Search, is a national, youth development nonprofit organization, that works with low-income high school students to help them transform what they believe is possible for themselves via weekly one-on-one mentoring, summer programs, and college guidance counseling.

Evoke Multimedia is producing a series of videos that show how Summer Search can help inner city high school students transform their lives. These students are in schools where 50% of the freshman class does not graduate high school, and only 10% go to college. In contrast, 81% of Summer Searchers graduate from a four-year college.

Through the voices of students, alumni, and teachers, Part 1 introduces Summer Search; whereas Part 2, shows how Summer Search is able to be transformative even though it begins working with students late in their high school career.

Evoke Multimedia is documenting the lives of six inner-city Boston high school students from the Spring of their Sophomore year, through their Senior year in high school. You can follow these students over time and witness their challenges and successes as they work to transform their lives during these crucial teenage years as they become young adults.

The first three videos were shown at the Summer Search Leadership Dinner in Boston, May 2014. With only an increase of 14% in attendance, Summer Search Boston was able to raise 2.6 times more than the prior year Рalmost $400,000 in three hours. Summer Search attributes much of this increase to the Evoke films since they were able to connect both intellectually and emotionally with the audience.

Part 1: What is Summer Search?

Part 2: How can Summer Search help high school students transform themselves?

Follow six inner-city Boston students from their sophomore through senior year in high school as they transform their lives with the help of Summer Search.


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All films are produced by Evoke Multimedia in conjunction with Summer Search. Help someone transform their life, donate to Summer Search.

Summer Search Part 1

Summer Search Part 2